Members of Friends of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Inc., receive advance notice of
events at the Site, and the satisfaction of contributing to our Native American college scholarship fund.
Contributions to Friends of Hubbell TPNHS, Inc. are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.
Federally recognized non-profit organization AZ reg.# 02261435].

Membership Categories
Individual and Family-----$25/year
Contributor/Corporate-----$ 50 / year
LIFE Membership---------$200

*subject to change without notice (Oct. 2010)
Copy the form below or click Download Membership Form for a printable RTF formatted version.

Please make your check payable to: FRIENDS OF HUBBELL TRADING POST NHS, INC.

Mail this form along with your check to:
FoH Membership, c/o Frank Kohler, PO Box 54296 Phoeniz,AZ 85078

Membership Category:_______________________________________________ Date:___________________________

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