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Our Mission - Friends of Hubbell Trading Post NHS is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1990.
Our aim is to aid and promote the management of programs and objectives of the Historic Site. Other goals include
supporting Native American arts and crafts through our biannual Native American Art Auction , providing scholarships
to Navajo and Hopi college students, and to increase the awareness of the trading post heritage in the Southwest.

Our Accomplishments - In the twenty years of our existence, our auctions have returned close to $2,000,000
dollars to the community through the weavers and other artists who consigned items into our auctions. We have encouraged
young weavers to put their first rug into our auctions and when they sell, it is a strong incentive to weave yet another rug - and
they only get better! Our scholarship program has awarded close to $50,000 dollars to Navajo and Hopi college students.
We have worked closely with the Park superintendent to secure grants to help implement new programs that the Park would
like to pursue and to provide monies and equipment for which there is no funding source..
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